Saturday, April 28, 2012

Making "floater" frame for "Lavender Fields" & "Geraniums"

This type of frame is called a "floater" frame. The painting sets inside the reveal with a small gap on all four sides creating a "floating" illusion and is often used for gallery/museum wrap canvas.

Join mitered edges with band clamp=nice, tight, square corners! Love this little baby.

     Now for two coats of gray paint.

Next, distress edges.

Finally, two coats polyurethane and end with "finishing wax paste" which brings out luster and shine. This can be applied with a lint free rag rubbed over all surfaces. A laborious process to be sure!

Making the frame for "Geraniums" involved much of the same process as "Lavender Fields" with minor changes: red paint and carved wood on the side. (A special thanks to Jared Badger for helping it to "fit!")

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